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Resume & Career Consulting

The heart of Tate of Mind Consulting is grounded in Kimberly's passion for helping people to reach their full potential – whether that is helping individuals with their career journey, working with businesses to remove bias in their processes, training/educating, or helping build out effective Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Employee Resource Group strategies. 

Kimberly spends an hour with each client to understand their career goals, professional experiences, and what challenges they are struggling with. From resume writing and LinkedIn optimization to leadership training and pay negotiation, she can help you achieve your professional goals.

In 2023, you need more than just a resume.​

In today's job market, please don't hire someone unless they have the following:

  • A background in writing or journalism (this isn't standard!)

  • Corporate recruiting, including knowledge of how AI systems work.

    Why? This ensures that the person who is doing your resume understands how applicant tracking systems, keywords, auto-declines, artificial intelligence, and bots work. They also understand networking, sourcing, referrals, and how candidates are truly hired (hint, it's not applying online). 


  • DEI, which allows candidates to avoid biased hiring pitfalls


My Ideal Client

Tate of Mind Consulting helps mid-level professionals and executives land the job of their dreams without stressing over their resume, the job search, networking or negotiating the ideal salary. Specialties include people who have been laid off, sales, retail, and operations. But rest assured, we’ve helped hundreds of people across many functions.  


Of course, even a perfect resume is just a stepping stone. Kimberly also provides guidance on:

  • How to fully take advantage of LinkedIn, including how to network and how to be seen as a thought leader on LinkedIn, and making sure settings are optimized so recruiters can find you more easily

  • Salary negotiation 

  • Prepping for interviews (in person and remote) 

  • Creating logical job searches that narrow the field to the jobs you’re truly interested in

NEW: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

Expanding on her successful career coaching, Kimberly now offers DEI consulting services, including:

  • Strategic goals for DEI programs and Employee/Business Resource Groups

  • How to start an Employee Resource Group programs from scratch

  • Targeted program expansion: What are the most important programs for your company?

That's why we offer more than just resume writing.

Samantha R. 

Executive Package

"Every nugget of wisdom Kimberly gives you is like pure gold! Her expertise with career coaching, networking, resumes, LinkedIn and salary negotiation will set you on the map to garnish the attention you deserve to truly land your dream job! I owe a great deal of gratitude for Kimberly's laser focus on her assistance! Because of her help, I landed a job making almost $50k more than my previous position and that is before the annual bonus potential! She is worth the investment 100 times over."

Carly S.

Mid-Level Package

"Girl your salary advice was FIRE! Got the Amazon recruiter to give me the range. Top of the range was $10k more than I thought!"

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