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Robots are at it again

Looks like the #1 frustration is the AI/bots that scan your resume.

So I'll post a few tips.

1. The format of your resume is so important. A lot of people want to use colorful formats with blocks and multiple columns, but those formatting features can jack up your resume when you try to update it, either corrupting it or making it very difficult for a recruiter to read.

2. I want to stand out. I get it. It is SO tempting to go to Canva and find one of those super sexy templates. Don't do it. The color is a problem. Color is a marketing tool to draw your eye in. The problem is that the color draws the eye into the wrong spot and with recruiters only spending 10 seconds or less on your resume, its critical time lost.

3. KEYWORDS KEYWORDS KEYWORDS. Recruiters set a ton of "auto-decline" criteria to help them weed through the 200-300 resumes they receive on each job posting. Make sure you have looked at the job description, looked at the key words your using, and adjust a copy of your resume accordingly.

4. If you don't have a Bachelor's degree, but you did take credit hours, list your education with something like this(depending on what you were going for): (Coursework), Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Middle Tennessee State University

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