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About Tate of Mind Career Consulting

Whether you need career advice, a new resume, help searching your dream job, or you work in DEI – Tate of Mind Career Consulting is ready to help you get to the next step. 

Kimberly Stephan Tate, Owner

Kimberly is a career expert who helps people land their dream jobs faster and someone who gives clients the tools they need to avoid the stress and confusion job searching can bring. Obsessed with learning, getting to know people, helping people reach for full potential, getting the best results, finding the best red wines in the world, six fur babies, family, turtles, the ocean, and  living the best life imaginable on Maui.

She wears a lot of hats. We bet you do too!

We want to help you build the dream career you’ve always wanted but keep forgetting to invest time in because you’re so busy. Why not get busy living your best life? Live your dream life starting … RIGHT NOW!

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Kimberly served as the Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Talent Strategy for Asurion for almost a decade.

During her tenure, Kimberly developed Asurion’s first Employee Resource Group (ERG), PRIDE, in 2016. She and the newly formed team worked collectively with HR to push for policy change and additional education and resources for its employees. In less than 2 years, Asurion received its first perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality Index. Since then, it achieved a perfect score repeatedly for 3 years running. In 2019, Asurion was awarded the Corporate Diversity award by the Nashville LGBT Chamber. 

Kimberly was fortunate to lead and build the organization’s entire ERG strategy from the ground up. The organization now has 11 thriving ERGs with over 7K members and representation in over 25 countries. Collectively, the groups host over 1.5K events a year — educating, connecting and supporting employees around the world. 

Building the ERG framework led Kimberly to develop the organization’s Active Ally education series. Active Ally consists of three 90-minute sessions focused on: Understanding the LGBTQ+ experience, Understanding-Anti-Racism, and Equity for Women. 

Kimberly also worked to drive improved and inclusive hiring practices across Asurion. Her partnership with the Talent Attraction and Outreach teams led to establishing diverse slate/panel goals, redacting names and addresses on resumes and creating certified interviewer training. 

Kimberly has worked with many organizations on building out their ERG, DEI, and culture strategies. She has worked with such companies as Ghirardelli, Dell Technologies, Built Technologies, Big Brother Big Sister of Middle Tennessee, EFT Source(now CPI Card Group), and more. 

Kimberly is currently an advisor to the Middle Tennessee Board of Directors for Big Brother Big Sister. She is an active member of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce, HRC Nashville, The Oasis Center’s “Just Us” program for at-risk LGBT youth, and Thistle Farms - a nonprofit for women victims of sexual trafficking. She previously served on the Tennessee Equality Project Board of Directors.


Kimberly was the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce Samuel Felker 2018 Business Leader of the Year award winner. 

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Zarita Fears, Owner of Fearless Consulting

Zarita Fears has designed and facilitated DEI Education Sessions for the corporate space since 2014. For the past eight years, she has helped to build a robust, award-winning, global DEI program for Nashville’s largest private employer.

Zarita holds certifications as an Expert ERG Leader and Master DEI Facilitator and a certificate from e-Cornell in DEI Leadership for HR. She believes that DEI is ever-changing; thus, continuing education is essential to staying at the forefront of all things diversity. 

Zarita lives and breathes DEI, and her passion began as a young girl speaking about race relations around the dinner table. She regularly serves on panels and does master classes, case studies, and workshops for many private organizations.


Zarita is an Independent DEI Consultant and currently serves as a Consultant and Facilitator with people3.

Kimberly and Zarita have recently partnered to launch a new series of compelling Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and Allyship training. Their new endeavor is a co-branded/co-owned offering known as "Fearless Tate of Mind Consulting". 

  • National Resume Writing Competitor

  • 20+ years in Corporate America hiring/scouting talent and building diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies

  • 2007 Emerging Leader in IT candidate

  • 2017 Nashville LGBT Chamber Business Leader of the Year nominee

  • Multiple Corporate Awards

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