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How to get more job interviews

1. Ask yourself, is the experience you highlight in your resume truly relevant or helpful to the new role you’re targeting? Make sure you make custom tweaks to your resume based on the specific role you are apply to.

2. Have done your due diligence and turned this experience into tangible result or achievements on your resume? The more detail the better! One example I like to use is sales. I know sales makers that make $50k a year and hold $500k quotas and I know some that make $500k+ and hold multi-million dollar quotas. If you tell me in a bullet “Achieved $75M in sales revenue, exceeding quota by 125% and outpacing national floor averages by 25%”

I hear you naysayers; anyone can put anything on a resume. First off, I applaud anyone is sales that takes the time to tell a story. If you can’t you’re probably a sh*tty salesperson. I mean come one “consistently hit sales quotas”. You can’t have a high paying job in sales if you’re gonna be lazy selling yourself!

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3. Have I quantified your experience? Ex: “Led a Six Sigma Black Belt project on optimizing agent productivity which led to a cost savings of $2M annually.”

Lastly remember, stop blindly applying online. It is so unproductive and a highly unlikely way for you to find you next job.

Tate of Mind Consulting helps mid-level professionals and executives land the job of their dreams without stressing over their resume, the job search, networking or negotiating the ideal salary. Specialties include people who have been laid off, sales, retail, and operations. But rest assured, we’ve helped hundreds of people across many functions.

We work with clients virtually all over the country.

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