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Human capitol should not be treated as one size fits all

Apple just announced that their employees must return to the office several days a week.

So have several other large tech companies.

It amazes me that some companies can be so progressive and innovative and yet remain clueless on human capitol.

It also reminds me that geography and proximity bias is very real.

Why are companies so insistent that their employees need to work in person because “in-person collaboration that is so essential to our culture”?

Why is it essential?

All of the Corporate America team meetings I see are still held over Zoom or Teams, even if most of the people are the office.

It is an incredibly exclusionary practice to tell your team members how they must work in order to succeed in your company.

Do you not trust your employees? Do you not believe they will get their job done effectively when you give them autonomy?

Do CEO’s and executive team members even realize how disproportionately these type of edicts have on under-represented team members?

Do they understand how many women are hanging on by a thread post covid, trying to care for their families and make work a viable option for them?

Here is an article that talks about why many Black employees don’t want to return to the office as well.

Loads of employees have provided feedback that they want to work in a way that works for them.

Shouldn’t people be allowed to work whatever way they need, to in order to reach their fullest potential and produce the most effective work?

I’m not suggesting that 100% remote work is for everyone. But for those team members who find it incredibly valuable, why wouldn’t a business support them?

I can tell you from my own personal experience that I didn’t realize how much happier I would be working 100% from home until the pandemic.

First of all, I am very empathic. I can feel people’s energy. It is exhausting to be around people 8, 9 or 10 hours a day. Secondly, I’ve lived with ADHD my entire life. People walking into my office not only makes me crazy, but it also gets me off track. I love working from home so I can control who I meet, when I meet, how often I meet, and which vehicle I use to meet.

I genuinely believe the people who want and need this, will figure out how to do it successfully.

When will Corporate America realize that when it comes to human capitol, there is no one size fits all approach?

There are tons of progressive companies out there still hiring remote workers.

If you need help with your diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy or you want to find that next career move, reach out. We are here to help.


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