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Resume Blunders

Resume Blunders

1. Typos & Grammatical Errors

You know it front to back, so it's easy to miss a spelling typo or grammatical error.

The easiest way to combat simple spelling errors is to have someone else give your resume the once-over. For most people, spelling mistakes and grammar issues will leap off the page and a second opinion can be invaluable on your resume.

Also, consider that people have the most difficult time representing themselves or their "brand". Let someone help you shine and maximize your resume.

2. Mass Mailing Your Resume

If you're just inundating job postings with your resume, it shows potential hiring managers that you're not interested in the particular job they're offering. If you're not willing to read the job description and tailor your resume for the job, they think you don't care enough about the job to do it, and they won't think it's worth their time to meet with you.

Remember, your resume is in a sea of HUNDREDS of resumes. Your resume has to be crisp, custom and stand out.

3. Ignoring Keywords

Most resumes are reviewed electronically before they’re ever seen by human eyes. Keyword spotting in hiring software is a standard in today's electronic world. It quickly weeds out resumes by keywords. If you are not using the right lingo, they will never even see your resume.

4. Being Too Wordy

The average worker in a typical industry can condense their resume down to one page, or two in extreme cases. The reality is that most recruiters or hiring managers will spend less than 2 minutes on your resume so you need to highlight key accomplishments and make them shine so your skill stands out.

5. Being Vague

You need to put real, quantitative tasks and accomplishments on your resume. It's one thing to put descriptions about y

our former positions on your resume, but you need to be specific when detailing what you accomplished.

I see things like "Hard Worker", "Dedicated", "Driven". How many folks do you think put "I Will be late every day. You will regret the day you hired me and I will be an HR nightmare."? Instead include specific phrases such as "Exceed quota by $150k and 125% to goal in 2014".

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