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Who's Talking about tate of mind?

"I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly at Asurion in various capacities. Kimberly is a highly energized, passionate, and thoughtful DEI and talent management leader. Kimberly is a subject matter expert on all things DEI. She is a team player who always looks out for the best interests of her team and colleagues. Kimberly is very comfortable and collaborative in a team setting and her laughter and attitude are infectious to those who have worked alongside her!" -Ryan Nolan, Procurement Leader

"I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly in her role supporting our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts over many years. Kimberly brings great patience and understanding to corporate culture and the important fundamentals of employee awareness and drivers for DEI. Her impact in all areas of DEI, including the creation of training programs, to the direct influence over Asurion’s LGBT community involvement, to being a great sounding board to executives for questions and ideas was instrumental in Asurion’s focus on DEI." -Barry Vandevier, Chief Operations Operator at Asurion

I worked with Kimberly for over 4 years in her role leading Diversity & Inclusion programs at Asurion. During this time Kimberly was responsible for developing, planning and executing programs to drive increased diversity in Asurion's workforce, and building an inclusive culture that harnesses the power of our diverse workforce.
The Asurion product organization was an early adopter of the D&I programs Kimberly led, giving me the opportunity to work closely with her on programs such as, training hundred's of product people leaders on mitigating unconscious bias, restructuring our recruiting process to ensure diversity of candidates and 100% diverse interviewer panel. Kimberly was also the leader who developed and launched our apprenticeship program which created a training and education path for hourly call center and supply chain employees to become software developers.
Throughout my time working with Kimberly she demonstrated incredible passion for making D&I a competitive advantage for Asurion, she work diligently to understand the business needs and to ensure D&I programs were aligned with and drove the business goals, and she demonstrated the managerial courage required to drive change at scale.
Kimberly was also the person who helped established Asurion's 11 Employee Resources Groups which have thousands of members and are at the core of Asurion's efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce. Kimberly is an authentic leader that combines her passion for D&I with an understanding for the business and a drive for results." - John Leonard, Senior Vice President of Product 

"Kim is the best. You can stop your search here. I've worked with Kim at least 4 times over the years on resume catch up/clean up, coaching, job search, and LinkedIn face-lifts. Working with Kim is like picking up the phone and calling a good friend you haven't spoke to in a few years but you always pick right back up where things left off. I greatly appreciate the quick turnaround and attention to detail. She helped me get the job twice and looking forward to future catch ups. Thanks again Kim!" - Matt Campbell, Senior Manager of Sales Incentive Strategy 

"Kimberly is a GENIUS at what she does and she truly cares about every client she works with! I had grown frustrated with the job search and not receiving any calls on the countless positions I had applied for. I knew that my resume was not highlighting my skills and experience in the most beneficial way, and I needed expert help. I reached out to Kimberly and had the absolute best experience with her, from start to finish. She spent time on the phone getting to know about me and my previous experience and really helping me hone into my future career path. She immediately revised my resume, helped me with a cover letter, and my LinkedIn profile. As soon as I started to send out my new resume, the calls and interviews started to come in. Within a month I had received multiple offers from companies like Amazon and Asurion! Working with Kimberly has been the best choice I have ever made in my career journey!! Thanks to her I accepted an offer with Asurion for a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist position!" -Hector Cruz, Communications Senior Manager

"I’ve had the honor to work with Kimberly over the past 2+ years at Asurion in the DEI space. Kimberly has such a passion for DEI work and was able to support making game-changing shifts to our diversity recruiting. The Certified Interviewer program she build has helped remove bias from our interview process and raise bias awareness across thousands of hiring managers. She is a leader and a do-er. She leads a team for diversity recruiting and program managers to increase diversity in our talent pipelines. She has been instrumental in developing and launching our diverse slate and panel requirements and reporting. She has a knack for developing people, finding their strengths, and aligning with their career goals. She is also a leader outside of her roles with our ERG community leading PRIDE. I have learned so much about DEI from Kimberly and enjoy our interactions. She brings the passion and the "get it done" energy to her work!" - Brittany Sever Stone, Senior Director

"To all my contacts, if you've just graduated with a new degree or are looking for new opportunities, I highly recommend talking to Kimberly Tate, Her resume writing is amazing and if you're like me will transform that resume you've been recycling for the last 20 yrs into something from this century. Within a week I had 3 offers to interview for dream jobs, and within a month was starting my new position. And compared to the cost of others (I shopped around a lot) she is a fraction of the cost! #resume #writing #interviewing" -Joshua Viele, RN

"I got a job offer yesterday. Since you created my resume and LinkedIn profile my phone and email has been NONSTOP!! I accepted the job. So awesome!! Thanks again so much" Debbie Gautier, Claims Processing 

"Hi Kimberly, Last fall after we met  I e-mailed you to say  that I was offered an interview for a grant writer position as a result of that first resume I sent out. Well, the timing was wrong but I took your advice and once I arrived in Nashville I e-mailed the supervisor to let her know that I had moved,  and to keep me in mind for future openings.  Lo and behold she contacted me earlier this month with an opening, I had an interview and got a written offer yesterday! I am beyond thrilled, especially since it is very close to my apartment." - Carol Freeman, Grant Writing 


"Kimberly was an excellent source for helping me revamp my resume and cover letter to make the next step in my career. After hearing of the great success that some of my friends were having in their careers after coaching from Kimberly, I knew SHE was the one to call when I was ready to take that leap. It's always hard to write concisely about what you actually bring to the table, but having such a great in-depth conversation and the negotiating of what is and isn't important for recruiters to know about you and your accomplishments with her made the process a breeze and was truly eye-opening. I can't wait to work with Kimberly again once I'm ready to take an even larger step in my career!" -Desiree Duncan, Vice President of Health, Equity, and Inclusion

"I had the chance to work with Kimberly when my career took an unexpected turn at the end of 2018, She spent a lot of time listening not only to where i had been in my career, but also where i was hoping to go. In discussions with her, I found she genuinely cared about understanding my career history, objectives and making sure i was aware of everything needed to be successful moving forward. Her insights were spot-on for the current way one must maneuver on the red-hot job market. Kimberly was a readily available resource to answer questions, give advice or ideas and offer direction whenever I needed her. I would highly recommend enlisting her services if you are at a crossroads in your career...." Samuel Gentile, Senior Director of Partnerships


"Kimberly is patient and detail oriented in discovering what it is that you are looking for in your resume, the message you would like to convey, and talks through your ultimate end result by utilizing her services. Not only did we have a one hour discussion to determine what was needed for my personal experience, but we had follow up email discussions, draft reviews, and a phone conversation before I approved the final product. She also revamped my LinkedIn profile at a reasonable rate and time frame. Thanks Kimberly - you are awesome!" - Ryan Faggioni, Learning & Development Executive 

"Kimberly is top notch. She has amazed me with her skills and knowledge in talent management, organizational management, problem solving, and consulting in all of the above. She added great value to the company where I was employed and when it became time for me to pursue greater opportunities, she helped me polish my resume and educated me on things that employers in my field were likely searching for in an interview. I would recommend her services to anyone."  - Wesley Oakes, Design Change Coordination Analyst at Nissan 

"I am new to Nashville and contacted Kimberly for help in my career transition. She did a fantastic job of overhauling my resume and LinkedIn profile. She has a great understanding of what employers here are seeking and how to best appeal to them. If you are new to town or just want to update and improve your CV and LinkedIn, you should definitely reach out to Kimberly." -Aaron Mitchell, NAM Project Execution at Schneider Electric

"I recommend anyone using Kimberly to help build their resume and professional profile. She is extremely skilled and enthusiastic about helping people reach their career goals. My resume and profile are outstanding and I have her to thank! With her many years of knowledge in management and leadership roles she knows what is important to potential employers and is very dedicated to keeping up to date on ways to get her clients noticed! She worked with ease as I detailed all of my previous work history, knowing exactly how to showcase my professional talents. Kimberly has a wonderful talent and passion for creating the perfect resume for anyone! If you want to get noticed and feel confident about your professional profile look no further than Tate of Mind Consulting! Thanks again Kimberly!" - Rachel Binkley, Accounting Professional 

"Meeting Kimberly Tate was nothing less than serendipitous at a time that was critical for the EFTSource Leadership Team.  Key members of the Leadership Team were working to create a layer of middle management, team leads and supervisors, who could help EFT move to the next level of “bench strength” and enable managers to spend more time planning and evaluating. Kimberly has that unique personality that knows no strangers and needs no introduction.  She was able to help managers assess team needs, identify roadblocks and assist in the development of structure to build stronger teams and promote cross-functional collaboration in a swift and efficient manner.  Kimberly knows how to put “first things first” and build from the base. Kimberly is a true leader who enjoys developing leadership.  She understands the importance of employee training and career development and can get to the heart of any training issue in record time.  Her situational analysis skills are comprehensive and her recommendations concise and on-target.  Kimberly instills trust and confidence in every situation, individual or team, and her work involves all components of the planning and evaluation cycle.  She is a great role model. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend Kimberly and Tate of Mind Consulting for any coaching, training, or leadership development assignment.  She is as talented with a team as she is with an individual and she leaves a clear roadmap for that can be replicated time and time again."- Kathy Nevill, Chief Finance Officer, EFT Source 

"Kimberly spent a great deal of time with me during our initial phone interview to ensure she had an in depth understanding of my skills and employment history. She was collaborative throughout the entire process and answered my emails promptly. I am delighted with my new resume and cover letter and I highly recommend Kimberly's services to anyone that wants to update their resume or have a resume written for the first time!"-Misty Glutting, Sales Leader 

"I can't believe what you have done.  This is amazing!! Thank you so much! I finally feel I have a resume that matches my professional career!" -Wendy Vigliotti, SalesAccount Manager 

 "I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my new resume! Kimberly took the time to really listen to me, and what I wanted to achieve with this new resume. She was able to articulate everything that I have done over the last 21 years easily. She is creative and definitely knows how to think out side the box to make you stand out from the crowd. She shared networking ideas and valuable insight on ways that I can expand my resume in the future. Believe me when I say that I will use her again and again. I have already had 4 people that want her information just from reading my resume, and it's only been a week since she finished it. I fully expect to send her many more clients. If your resume needs revamping Kimberly's the one to talk to." -Janie Tunstall, Technology Sales 


"I have worked with Kimberly on and off over the last 6 years. She is an important part of who I am as a leader today. She is the type of leader all employees dream of working for. She is always positive and passionate about her work. She is a dedicated and driven leader who's not afraid to roll up her selves and jump in to help when needed. She truly cares for her team and all those who work with her. Her energy and excitement are infectious."- Lisa Grimes, Social Media Leader
"I've always struggled with creating a resume that truly reflects my skill set and experience.  After deciding to make a major career and life change, I knew I needed help.  I chose Tate of Mind consulting and Kimberly made my resume shine, and reflect a holistic view of my experience and career.  She did an amazing job of asking all the right questions and really helping me see the value I have to offer.  After a consultation, She set my mind at ease and got to work on my resume and LinkedIn page.  Not only did she present me with a resume that was beyond impressive, she set my LinkedIn up and taught me how to use it, what the benefits are and how I can apply the features to my new career when I am ready.  I now am set with a resume and LinkedIn page that reflects the true me, my value, and something that I am really proud to share with the world.  Thank you, Kimberly!   You made this so simple and beautiful, I can't think of a better way to start off my new career!  If you struggle with your resume, articulating your value, skills, experiences, need an updated resume or just don't know where to start, call Kimberly...It will be the best thing you can do for your career!"-Allison Beyer, Corporate Trainer 

"Kimberly Tate's Career Pathing Capabilities are Exceptional. She revamped my resume and LinkedIn profile and since then the response has been overwhelming. Did I move positions? NO but at least she made it possible to have options. Kimberly's sixth sense about people makes her an asset to have in your corner. Thanks Kimberly Tate! I guess looking for a new career is all about being prepared and in the right "Tate of Mind!" -Jason Smith, Technology Sales 


"While Kimberly was my mentor, both as a coach and a manager in Dell's Consumer sales division, she was always insightful, available and supporting. Not only would she answer all of my questions, and help me with opportunities I was working on; but she would also follow up with new resources and points of interest based on our meetings. Kimberly can bring a smile to everyone and her enthusiasm is infectious for she works with. She also loves learning new skills and thinking outside the box to solve new challenges." Sara Leritte, Digital Marketing Transformation

"Kimberly is one of the greatest managers I have had the fortune to work with in my career. She is driven to deliver results and creates a supportive environment that encourages her employees to succeed. Kimberly is also a leader who develops leaders. She is one of the rare managers who will take the time to understand what motivates her people while still pushing to ensure the companies goals are met (or more often exceeded). Kimberly is also a very dedicated and professional employee. She stands behind the company vision and constantly drives to see the company succeed (not just her department or team). She is also very active in community service and engages those on her teams to foster relationships and improve the local community. Kimberly would be a valuable addition to any organization." -Eric Law, Marketing 

"Kimberly Tate is one of the best managers and professionals I have ever worked with. She has a fantastic attitude and is a pleasure to work with. Kimberly has taught me a lot about being a manager and the importance of supporting your team. Kimberly is able to get a team of people to attain business goals by creating an enjoyable, positive work environment, and through supporting them. Kimberly has been a mentor for many young professionals who have all excelled in the careers due to this mentor-ship. A big part of my success is due Kimberly mentoring and believing in me." -Brendan Strasburger, Client Services

"Focused, self-aware, engaging and living the "never settle" ideal, Kimberly lights up the room with positive energy. 
Kimberly is an exceptional leader who absolutely sets an example for others to follow which will help lead to their success."    -Matthew Van De Voorde, Call Center Director 

"I have had the pleasure or working with Kim Tate as her peer on the Compensation Team and reporting directly to her as a Sales Representative. She is very driven and able to drive those around her. Kim excels at developing her direct reports and her peers. She was a critical part of my growth inside and outside of Dell. Her energy and enthusiasm brings positivity to any team that she works with. She is an amazing asset to Dell." - Dan Beyer, Senior Supply Chain Consultant 


"Kimberly worked for me in multiple functions at Dell. Kimberly is very talented and exceeded results in all roles I gave her. When Kimberly was a Sales Manager in my organization she had very strong results, constantly in the top quartile nationally. Kimberly had very low attrition and I found her to be a natural teacher. Kimberly was particularly good at ramping new hire reps, building strong teams, driving fun in a call center environment, and delivering great customer experience. These combinations along with top line sales results made Kimberly an outstanding Sales Manager. Kimberly worked for me as a Process lead and took on multiple initiatives not only for the Nashville site but for Dell Consumer overall. Kimberly is skilled in getting results cross functionally, driving strategy, delegating, and executive presence. Kimberly is a great team player with a ton of passion and one of those people you want to take with you if you are opening your own business. I would recommend Kim without reservation." - Brad Penner, National Sales Executive 

"I had the pleasure of being Kimberly's immediate supervisor for several years. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all initiatives with dedication and a smile. Kimberly is an energetic person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate well with cross functional teams. She successfully lead several projects for our organization. 
Kimberly was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to leading an employee resource group within the Nashville site, Kimberly assumed a leadership role within the team, inspiring and motivating peers and new hires. Her energy, desire to succeed and creativity are simply contagious.
-Tina Parker, Compensation Director 

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