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Why should I care about LinkedIn?


Most people do not understand the value proposition behind LinkedIn. While you are using it to apply for jobs, LinkedIn is using it to sell companies LinkedIn recruiter, which gives recruiters access to LinkedIn’s entire database.

How recruiters and hiring managers fill roles these days has changed significantly. Recruiters use to rely heavily on the pool of applicants that apply for the job. This became problematic though. As more and more people gained access to the internet, more people started applying for jobs online. This means that for any given job posting, recruiters can often receive 50-300 applicants for one single job requisition. There is no way a recruiter would have time to review that many resumes.

New technology has been introduced that leverages artificial intelligence. Essentially bots are scanning your resume. Did you know that? The recruiter has input the keywords they feel necessary for the role. If your resume uses those key words, your resume has a much higher chance of being picked up. IE you could technically be the very most qualified candidate, but if you aren’t using the right key words, your resume might never even get seen!

It cannot be underestimated how valuable LinkedIn can be in helping you get where you want to go!

LinkedIn is considered to be your digital business card. It allows you to share your experience/education, while branding for yourself, showcasing yourself as a brand advocate for your company, and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Finding a new job can be scary.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have a high level of confidence in your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and your ability to maximize a job search?

The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone.

I work with clients virtually all over the country. We would pick a time that works for you.

We can do a one hour consultation to talk through options and strategy.

Interested? Send me a message on LinkedIn or reach out to me by email at and we can talk about pricing and next steps.

I have a few spots left for this week and next week. Get scheduled today.

Check out my website at to learn more.

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