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Don’t let a robot keep you from your dream job

When you apply online for a job, it is being uploaded into what we call an applicant tracking system.

The Applicant Tracking System contains artificial intelligence that reads and analyzes your resume. It’s looking to see if your resume contains words that match the job description.

It doesn’t understand nuanced, emotional concepts like loyal, words, hard, dedicated, etc. None of which should be on a resume anyway.

Make sure you use exact keywords from the job description in your resume.

This means you should have a master resume, but you will want to tweak as you apply to various roles.

Tate of Mind Consulting helps mid-level professionals and executives land the job of their dreams without stressing over their resume, the job search, networking or negotiating the ideal salary. We work with clients virtually all over the country.

Interested? Send me a message with your current resume to and I’ll share my thoughts and next steps

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